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Nintendo 3DS EmulatorPac-Man is an arcade game which is developed by Namco. It was created by Japanese video game designer Toru Iwatani and was first released in Japan in May 1980. This is one the the classic games we’ve all played and never got full of it. As soon as the game released it became a sudden craze as everyone wanted to play this game, it sold millions of copies all over and inspired a legacy. Pac-Man character has appeared in more than 30 officially licensed games. Pac-Man is one of the highest grossing video games of all time. Let me explain you about the gameplay. There is a maze containing various dots knowns as Pac-Dots and the player navigates the Pac-Man through the maze. There are four ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde who roam the maze trying to kill Pac-Man, if any of the ghosts hits Pac-Man, you lose a life and when all the lives are lost the game is over. There are several other features in the game such as a bonus round and you have different modes to play in.

3DS Emulator is a thing of the future which connects you with your past as it gives the user to have freedom of playing all the games which are solely built for consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Gameboy, etc. It’s a software which allows you to play all these games on your device. One of the best 3DS Emulator in today’s era is Nintendo 3DS Emulator developed by Citra Team. It is developed in C++ programming language and the Nintendo 3DS Emulator can run almost all homebrew games and some commercial game as well. Nintendo 3DS Emulator software is available to download on Android, MacOS and Linux. Android users need to have android version 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) for the MacOS iOS 9 and above works flawlessly and finally for the PC users it needs to be run on a 64 bit CPU.

Play Pac-Man on 3DS Emulator

  • Download 3DS Emulator from your browser.
  • Open Settings and allow download from ‘Unknown Sources’
  • Go to File Manager >> Downloads >> Nintendo 3DS Emulator and initiate installation process.
  • Afterwards download a BIOS file. Unzip the BIOS (.bin file).
  • Download ROM of the game you want to play which is Pac-Man.
  • Go to File Manager >> Create a folder named “ROMS”
  • The location should be “sdcard/downloads/Roms” or “sdcard/ext_sd/download/Roms”
  • Transfer the BIOS file and Pac-Man game ROM to the folder created “ROMS”
  • Now run your 3DS Emulator and if it asks for a BIOS be sure to load it by going to MENU>>SETTINGS>>BIOS FILE. This may vary per emulator.
  • After this press the ‘back’ button on your device till you reach a black screen with files. Then navigate to your Roms folder (“sdcard/downloads/Roms/Pac-Man” or “sdcard/ext_sd/download/Roms/Pac-Man”) and double tap on the Pac-Man ROM file.
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