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Nintendo 3DS EmulatorMario is a fictional character in the mario video game franchise which is owned by Nintendo. It is created by a Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. The character Mario since his creation has appeared in over 200 games, he is depicted as a short, pudgy Italian Plumber who resides in the Mushroom Kingdom. In his adventures he generally has to rescue Princess Peach from the Koopa villain Bowser. He has a younger brother and sidekick who accompanies him in most of his adventures named Luigi. One of the first game that Mario appeared in was Donkey Kong in 1981. The franchise has sold over 500 million units worldwide and is one of the best selling video game franchises. There are several Mario games such as Mario Bros, Wrecking Crew, Super Mario Land, Mario’s Time Machine, Super Mario All-Stars, Hotel Mario, Mario’s Picross, Mario Crash, Mario Golf World Tour, etc. The latest release is the Mario Tennis Aces.

3DS Emulator is a software for everyone who wants to play their childhood games and relive that experience. 3DS Emulator lets the user play all the games which are originally designed for the consoles like PlayStation, Game Boy, Xbox, etc. It imitates the process and graphics system of the Nintendo 3DS console and lets you play you favourite games. There are several 3DS Emulators on the market for the users to download but one of the best 3DS emulators is the Nintendo 3DS Emulator which is available on all platforms such as Android, MacOS and Linux. It is very easy to download Nintendo 3DS Emulator with minimal instructions.

Download 3DS Emulator Mario on Android.

  • Open your preferred browser and download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator.
  • Go to Settings and allow download from ‘Unknown Sources’
  • Go to File Manager >> Downloads >> Nintendo 3DS Emulator APK.
  • Once the installation is finished.
  • Download a BIOS file. Unzip the BIOS (.bin file).
  • Download ROM of the game you want to play which in this case is Mario.
  • Open File Manager >> Create a folder named “ROMS”
  • The location should be “sdcard/downloads/Roms” or “sdcard/ext_sd/download/Roms”
  • Transfer the BIOS file and Mario game ROM to the folder created “ROMS”
  • Now open your emulator and if it asks for a BIOS be sure to load it by going to MENU>>SETTINGS>>BIOS FILE. This may vary per emulator.
  • After this press the ‘back’ button on your device till you reach a black screen with files. Then navigate to your Roms folder (“sdcard/downloads/Roms/Mario” or “sdcard/ext_sd/download/Roms/Mario”) and double tap on the Mario ROM file.
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