Best 3DS Emulator Roms for Citra


Citra is a famous 3DS emulator that allows you to run the Nintendo and other 3DS games on the latest system. You need to download and install the emulator on the device and then you need to load the ROM of the games to run the games on the devices.

There are many kinds of ROM available for this 3DS emulator and here we have compiled a list for your benefit.

Wheel of Fortune ROM:

Wheel of Fortune is based on the famous TV shows on 1990. It’s a simple and addictive game that lets you spin the wheel and based on the option your wheel stands the activity has to be performed on the task. It has been the most played games on the Nintendo in 1990.



It’s a famous game by Rare and it’s a 3D world that lets you collect the items in-game world and then solve the puzzles on the stages to the game to move and continue. The puzzle in the game includes the time-based steps to be taken and then move forward to the game list.

Fantasy Life:

Fantasy Life is developed by Level-5 company and it includes the third world named Reverie with a role-playing scenario, when the player needs to build the town along with completing small mini-games then doing the quest and the collecting rewards in the system. Fantasy Life is also one of the best and simple game on the platform with all the in-game elements that make the game rich.

The Legend of Zelda:

Legend of Zelda is an action-packed game evolved in the world of Hyrule. It has both action and adventure things in the app and lets if the goal to rescue a girl in the games and to move forward in this goal you need to complete many steps.



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