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3DS Emulator APK

3DS Emulator android version has not been officially released by Citra yet. While APKxiOS team is continuously searching for a reliable alternative temporarily we expect your support and cooperation. We will update you guys as soon as we receive any update on the android version of the Nintendo 3DS Emulator.

*New* Update 3 [07/10/2017]: I’ve finally found a very good alternative that will allow you to play Pokemon, Super Mario, PES, NFS, Street Fighter and a lot of games. Enjoy! 😉

[Download Here]


Update 2 [05/05/2017]: The uploaded app was unofficial and potentially just an app to make money without any functionality. So I’ve removed it. There’s no news from Citra officials yet about it’s android release. I recommend to remove the apk file in case you’ve already installed it in your device.

Update 1 [17/04/2017]: Due to high demand for Nintendo 3DS Emulator apk I’ve uploaded an unofficial Citra android version. We assume no responsibility or liability for the use of the software. However we can confirm its proper operation.

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    • If you’re on a PC, go to oldgamesfinder[.]com and select ds games, then type in a game related to the platform, or just search up files of 3ds games from the internet.

  1. Is there something else I should have to download this for iOS? It didn’t say install after I clicked the download button

    • I’ve uploaded an unofficial version, can you tell me about the problem more?

      Maybe just a reboot will work try it. Or try reinstalling it and let me know.

  2. excuse me , what to do after installed the app on android ? when i click play , it did nothing , same happens when i click install

    • Salmance, sorry for the trouble. I have taken down the android apk for now – its nothing but a money making app. Remove it asap.

  3. Hey mr.b I downloaded the apk file and opened it and there were 4 options: 1.install I tapped on play button it didnt gave response then how can i plAY

    • Priyans, I had uploaded an unofficial version of 3ds emulator for android. I need to update it. Maybe it stopped working.

    • Drainer, can you be more specific with the issue? The Citra emulator is still in beta mode with on-going testing so encountering few bugs will be normal.

    • I still didn’t got any official news from the Citra developers about the android apk. Let’s hope it to be soon.

  4. Like how do I open it on iOS do I need something to help cus when I try to open file all it says open in and then nothing

  5. Mr. B,

    Where to download the bios file for PC?
    I’ve searched a couple links but nothing trustworthy so far.


  6. My prob is the IOS file does not install AFTER i opened it using WINZIP….there is no .ipa file….its missing? pls help fix this….desperate to play..thanksss

  7. I have downloaded the ios file version, but how do I correctly turn it into a ipa file? I use cydia impactor and it ends up saying “Error- cannot unzip ‘file’ Not a zip archive”

  8. Okay, I’ve done few research there’s no official Android or iOS version of Citra 3DS , it’s only available for PC .

  9. M B

    n3ds emu disponible de partout sauf android …
    avez vous de réels bonnes nouvelles ?
    une progression ?


  10. As of right now, i cannot seem to download the APK file for Android. When i tap the link i go to the directed web page, but when i look at the download link, there is a line through it. Is there somewhere else i can get the download started?

  11. Any updates on apk? I really want to play fire emblem fates with out buying it i own conquest but i want to experience birthright and the other one with out paying $60+

  12. Mister B. Please please please release it for Android. I’m waiting for a 3ds emulator to come for Android for 2 years now I wanna play Pokemon XY and sun moon. Please please upload APK soon.

  13. Mister B umm im stuck when i tape into the download apk android it goes to google adds how do i actually download it ?

  14. Please Mr.B for android release please I’m begging you (T~T) all I wanted is to play pokemon I’ve been waiting my whole life for this. :'(

  15. What exactly do I do after I download the file for PC? I have the file opened but I can’t figure out how to run it. Please help?

  16. Mr.b plss release the apk for android I just want to play fire emblem that’s the only one I want to play so pls Mr.b

  17. Sup Mr.B!
    So I downloaded WinZip from the App Store, then tree to download the .tar file from media fire. When I try to unzip tho, it’s says open file failed. Any suggestions?

  18. Looks like I’m gonna wait next year then I’ll be waiting and Mr.b thanks for the app I tried to download 3ds file and it doesn’t wrk. But I can play pokemon I meant old version ones not the new ones


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