3DS Emulator – Download Citra’s Nintendo 3DS Emulator


Nintendo 3DS Emulator can be used on Android, PC, iOS and almost all platforms and Citra allows the users to play all the games and experience the Nintendo switch gaming experience without actually buying it yourself.

Nintendo is one of the most popular console makers in the world and you must have heard about the new Nintendo switch that came out this year. As it is with almost all the gaming consoles, the Nintendo switch is too expensive for the average consumer and not everyone can afford one and that is why the developers have created the Nintendo 3DS Emulator, also known as Citra Emulator.


Nintendo 3DS Emulator Features

  1. Get all the Nintendo games preloaded for free with Citra so you do not have to buy anything, just install and play.
  2. Game Save feature allows the users to save the current game play and continue the game after a pause without any progress.
  3. Anti-Aliasing feature makes the game play as realistic as possible and it works much better if the device you are using it on has a powerful graphics card.
  4. The resolution of the games is very impressive and it will adjust according to your desired preference and it goes up to 720p.
  5. You can play multiplayer with your friends and the network is good which enables fluid online game play without buffering if you have a high speed internet connection.

Download 3DS Emulator for Android

  1. Download APK file.
  2. Open file manager, locate the download 3DS Emulator apk file and install it on your android device.
  3. Open the 3DS Emulator after the successful completion of the installation process, now you can play any game you want because all are provided for free.

Download 3DS Emulator for PC

Note: Make sure you have a PC with graphics chip OpenGL 3.2 compatibility and i5/i7 processor for higher performance.

  1. Download the Zip file.
  2. Extract the zipped file and open the extracted folder.
  3. Install the Bios and following the given instructions.
  4. Make sure you have 3DS Emulator and Bios on your PC and install the game. Open it and navigate to the .3DS ROM to launch the game on your PC.

Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator for iOS

  1. Download iOS file.
  2. After choosing to download the file, you will see the dialogue box, tap on the install button. Go to home and wait for the download to complete.
  3. After the emulator is downloaded, navigate to “General>Profiles” or “Device Management.” Search for app that reads “Guangdong” and tap on the “Trust” option twice.
  4. Now you can run the app on your device, download the games that you want to play and enjoy Citra on your iOS device.